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Founded in 2009, Highwood Towers, LLC was created to provide solutions for businesses seeking to keep their network coverage ahead of the explosive demand for data services by providing new, quality tower structures where they are needed, when they are needed. With experience developing over 3,000 wireless sites for many of the nations’ top carriers, Highwood Towers has the knowledge and resources to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Today, Highwood Towers focuses its efforts on assisting wireless carriers in the natural evolution of unlinking their business operations from network assets, including the ownership and operation of tower sites, backhaul networks, and network operation staff.


Facts You Need To Know


Emerging devices and machine-to-machine applications could represent a $300 billion marketplace in global revenue by 2020.


In 2015, the average US households had 5.3 connected devices.

mobile Internet

The Mobile Internet is ramping up faster than the ramp up in desktop Internet.


In the US, 62% of net wireless carrier additions in 2015 were from non-phone devices (tablets, cars, etc.).

Mobile Broadband

With mobile broadband internet traffic soon to exceed landline traffic, network demand is higher than ever before.

Smartphone Traffic

Smartphone sales are exploding. With this development comes the need for fast and reliable network infrastructure.

Mobile Broadband

We live in a connected world. At Highwood Towers we have the experience and resources to keep you connected, and your business moving forward.

Broadband access is the great equalizer, leveling the playing field so that every willing and able person, no matter their station in life, has access to the information and tools necessary to achieve the American Dream.

– Michael K. Powell